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This is a very short blog post for me because I normally write about 1200 words. Today I'm providing a short and sweet post because there is an abundance of work to be done on all of my social media platforms and my website. I have had a burst of creative energy which in my humble opinion should be filtered to enhance and help others. My current project is a Community Learning Resources Page. I created the Community Learning Resources page is to enable anyone to find learning resources during this fragile time of social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is my sincerest hope that people are able to utilize the Community Learning Resources page as a place to find skill building activities to boost their knowledge and careers.

I am actively adding more learning resources and I invite industry professionals to please contact me to add your content.

Be safe, sound, and happy. Remember when life throws lemons at you, catch them and make lemonade.

Happy Learning,


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